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    Dr. Baker has a Ph.D. in Psychology, is licensed as a Psychologist by the state of California. For over 20 years, he operated a business in northern California where he provided consulting and coaching to businesses and individuals living in the north San Francisco area. Since 2002, he has lived in Germany with his wife who is a German psychologist and their son.  Together they have a business, EQ-Consults, which provides coaching and training in performance enhancement, wellness and the development of emotional competencies for individuals and businesses. Since 2005, he has been a lecturer at the University Kempten MBA Program where he created a series of courses focused on developing the emotional intelligence of the MBA students as a foundation competency in their attaining their management and leadership potential. For the last four years, his focus has been on the development of multi-cultural leadership cultures for multi-internationals based in Asia.



    Natalie Audrey Balch, MBA has gained experience in the hospitality industry working in hotels in Germany and Egypt prior to and during her studies of business administration focusing on hospitality management at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Ravensburg. After completion of her undergraduate studies, she worked for the DHBW Ravensburg as department assistant and currently as department manager for Business Administration with Tourism and Hospitality Management VI, where she has multiple contact points with the current issues discussed in hospitality practice. In the meantime she graduated part-time with a Master of Business Administration focusing on International Business Management and Leadership at the University of Applied Science in Kempten.



    Dr. Christoph Desjardins has been professor for Human Resources Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten, Germany since 2003. After studying Economics at Constance, he graduated with a Master in Work & Organizational Psychology (Diplom-Psychologe) from Münster University. He started his professional career as a Strategic Planner at the international agency Grey Advertising. Before and after joining Grey, he worked as a freelancer trainer and market researcher. From 1994 to 2003, Christoph worked as a HRM and Change Management consultant and manager for the consulting company Accenture. During this time he also obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt. His research focus is on leadership performance as well as emotional intelligence and work motivation. Dr. Christoph Desjardins is the MBA program director at Kempten University. Since 2010 he is also the head of the Professional School for Business & Technology.



    Prof. Dr. Dobbelstein is Professor of Market Research at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Ravensburg since 2002 - between 2004 and 2008 he served as the vice president of the university. Since 2012 he is also Honorary Research Professor at Durban University of Technology in South Africa. He is the academic head of the market research institute Customer Research 42. Prior to that he was a member of the managing board at the wholesaler Friedrich J. Keppel responsible for marketing. Between 1997 and 2000 he worked as a consultant at the Institute for Retail Research at the University of Cologne. Within his market research institute he works for national and international companies from different industries like retailing, consumer goods, capital goods, media and medicine. He is a member of the Academy of marketing science, various boards like the chamber of commerce and makes regular contributions to the European Institute for Retail and Service Studies. He reviews several Emerald journals and is an external examiner for PhD candidates at Leeds Metropolitan University.



    Mag. Christof Falch, MBA has a long track record in training, coaching and teaching people. Christof started his career as a trainer, teacher and coach in alpine skiing. As a skiing professional he worked not only in Austria but also in foreign countries like Argentina and Finland. Following his skiing career he studied Sports Science at the University of Graz, Austria and graduated with a Master in Sports Science (Diploma in Sports Science, Mag. rer. nat) in 1998. After his study Christof changed into the field of motor sports and started working as a manager of race car drivers. Between 1999 and 2010 Christof worked with various athletes in motor sports in the top race care series including Formula 1. During this time he also obtained his MBA degree in International Business Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten/Germany. Christof Falch has his own company and is working as a Management and Marketing Consultant.



    Prof. Dr. Martin Göbl has been lecturing in logistics and business management at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten, Germany since 2006. After graduating as an industrial engineer he worked in different areas and positions in the area of logistics management. While working he graduated as a PHD. His research interests are the evaluation of services, strategic logistics management and logistics service providers.



    Dr. Osvaldo Gonsa obtained his Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Yokohama National University in Yokohama, Japan. Since the year 2000, he has been involved in the research and development of mobile telecommunications technologies and participated in different telecommunications standards organisations through the years.  Dr. Gonsa has worked for several multinationals in Asia like Sony and Motorola Japan and for Panasonic in Europe in different fields of R&D and standards for telecommunications. He joined the MBA programme at Kempten University of Applied Sciences Professional School of Business in 2010 in order to obtain formal training in aspects of management and concluded this programme in September 2012.



    Thomas Greiter holds a Diploma degree in Economics from Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim and an MBA in International Business Management from Kempten University of Applied Sciences. After seven years in the forwarding industry, the author became deputy operating manager in the beverage industry. Today Thomas Greiter works as a Business Development Manager for an e-sourcing platform.



    Holger Hinz is the Chair of Business Finance at the University of Flensburg, Germany. He holds degrees from Indiana University (Operations and Systems Management) and Kiel University (Accounting and Finance) and is currently director of Flensburg University’s International Institute of Management. His research interests include financial modeling, especially FOREX- and other types of price risk-related exposure. In addition, he has worked on financial planning, mezzanine finance, real options, financial literacy, as well as some research activities of local interest to the German-Danish cross-border region.



    Thomas Kalkschmidt is a System Engineer at Cassidian in Manching, Germany. Before he worked for the German Air Force as a Software Engineer at Alenia Aermacchi in Turin and in the National Support Center Eurofighter in Manching. He holds a MBA degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten and a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of the Armed Forces Munich. As part of his MBA studies he spent 10 months in Australia at the Queensland University of Technology and did his Master Thesis research with an Australian service provider specialized in recruitment.



    Markus Klaus holds a Diploma degree in Business Administration from University of Armed Forces in Munich and a postgraduate MBA in International Business Management and Leadership from Kempten University of Applied Sciences. After several years of logistics roles in the German Armed Forces and a deployment for the United Nations, he was responsible for quality & workforce management at SIMON HEGELE LOGISTICS AND SERVICE CO LTD. Today he is a project manager for contract logistics solutions at KUEHNE + NAGEL (AG & CO.) KG.



    Alexander Konz is Division Manager Manufacturing at a medium-sized company in Austria. After studying Production Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, he graduated with a Master of Business Administration with focus on Management and Leadership. In the course of his Master´s Thesis he established criteria for the successful implementation of an expert career path in SME´s and supported such an implementation project.



    Rainer Krumm is the founder and owner of the 9 Levels Institute for value systems, is focused in value analysis of persons, groups and organizations. He is a Management trainer and Consultant and trained consulted several international companies the last 15 years. He did workshops in 23 different countries and supports change processes and change of company cultures. He published 5 books and several articles. One of his books, published with Martina Bär and Hartmut Wiehle was the first German book on the Graves theory. He is working with the Graves-Theory since 2003 and was educated by Christopher Cowan. His projects won three times the international German training award. He is member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and the leading German coaching federation (DBVC). He studied business education, strategic leadership and management training at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.



    Daniel Mueller studied history at the University of the Bundeswehr, Hamburg and International Business Management and Leadership at the Professional School of Business and Technology, Kempten. During this time, he served as an Human Intelligence officer and interrogator within the German Special Operation Forces. Afterwards Daniel Mueller worked in Great Britain and Germany as a Crisis Management Consultant, and supported companies across all industries to anticipate and prepare for risks to which they are exposed – including physical risks, terrorism, travel security, kidnap for ransom, extortion, reputational damage and political risk. Currently, he is working for McDonald’s Deutschland Inc. as Senior Manager Security.



    After studying European Business Administration at the Euro-FH, he graduated with a Master of Business Administration with focus on Change Management and Leadership from the Kempten University of Applied Sciences in 2012. Meanwhile he works as a deputy head Board of Management Services and deputy Depot-A-Manager at Kreissparkasse Heidenheim.



    After studying Business Administration at Fachhochschule Pforzheim, the author worked in management accounting departments in two hospitals for several years. She continued her studies in a Master of Business Administration on International Business Management and Consulting. Since completing her MBA, the author has been a Bavarian State Government employee concerned with forensic problem evaluation and resolution in financial practice.



    Robert Schaefer holds a Diploma degree in Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and an MBA. in International Business Management from Kempten University of Applied Sciences. After several years in HR and organization roles in the financial services sector Robert is now a project manager within the HRM capability of consulting firm Kienbaum.



    Sebastian Vollmer is research associate at Flensburg University’s chair of Business Finance at the International Institute of Management since 2009. During his studies of Business Administration at Hamburg University (Germany) and UCLAN (UK) he focused on Business Finance, Statistics and Auditing. He is Associated Partner of a consulting group in Hamburg, Germany since 2007. His major interest is in quantitative modeling of financial problems.



    Carsten Weimann is consultant and lecturer at Flensburg University’s International Institute of Management. He is specialized in company planning and valuation. He holds graduate degrees in marketing and information technology as well as a PhD in finance from Kiel University, Germany.



    Dr. Peter Weis has been professor for Human Resources Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten, Germany since 2000.  After graduating in Economics at the University of Saarbrücken he worked as Assistant Professor for Micro-Economics at Technical University Berlin. During this time he also earned his Ph.D degree. From 1983 to 2000, Peter worked as HR- and Branch Manager, HR-Director, General Manager London and as Key Account Manager for European Multinationals at Hypo-Bank and HypoVereinsbank. His research interests are on International Human Resource Management and HR-Strategy.



    Thomas Werdelmann is a Consultant at the Premier Management and Marketing Group (PMG) in Munich and a Ph.D. student of the University of Trier. In his previous research he focused on experience goods and market analysis of the music, art, and wine market. He holds a MBA degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten and a Diploma in Educational Science of the University of Federal Armed Forces in Munich. As part of his MBA studies he spent 6 months at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and 6 months at the University of California in San Diego to conclude his Master Thesis and concentrate on his research on the wine market in a close relationship with the Californian and Australian top wine producers.

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